Pediatric Sleep Disorder

kid ask help for sleep

Does your child or adolescent have sleep problems? If so, you are no different from millions of other parents who are losing sleep themselves as they deal with children who find it impossible to drift off into a normal and restful sleep. Medical literature offers varying estimates, but it's probably safe to say that at least 25 percent of children at some point encounter sleep problems.

Medical experts also say that chronic sleep disruption - long-standing patterns that deprive youngsters of sleep -- can cause problems with the child's cognitive and emotional development. That may show up in your child as excessive daytime tiredness, a decrease in attention or memory and problems with learning or social interaction.

Pre-school Sleep Issues

Determining why your child is not sleeping and what to do about rarely is something solved by reading a few books or asking other parents how they are dealing with such problems. Faced with sleep problems that persist, many perceptive parents finally realize that medical evaluation is a must.

The clinicians at NY Metro Sleep are knowledgeable and practiced in pediatric sleep disorders and stand ready to assess your child's problem and see you through to a satisfactory solution. Growing research has discovered numerous categories of pediatric sleep problems. We will undertake an accurate assessment so we can pinpoint the problem and select the appropriate path from numerous approaches to effective treatment, many involving behavioral changes and a few requiring medication.